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Russia tests anti-ballistic missile meant to protect Moscow from nukes

The Russian Aerospace Forces have successfully tested an upgraded antiballistic missile (ABM) at the Sary Shagan training ground in Kazakhstan. The ABM system is in service with the Aerospace Forces’ air and missile defence formation. It is intended to defend the city of Moscow from aerospace threat as well as to function in the interests…

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Russian Strategic Missile Forces to Receive New ICBMs in 2015

Topol M missile system

According to press spokesman Col. Igor Egorov, Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces will receive more than 50 modern pieces of weaponry in 2015. “More than 50 modern pieces of weaponry, military and special equipment, including intercontinental ballistic missiles, autonomous launch platforms, mobile command centers of missile units and division, battle control support vehicles, engineer and camouflage…

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Yars ICBM launches from Plesetsk cosmodrome in Russia’s north

Yars ICBM launches from Plesetsk cosmodrome in Russia's north. The Yars land-based mobile missile system

The Russian military has successfully test launched a Yars intercontinental ballistic missile from a launch pad in the Arkhangelsk region, hitting targets in the Far East – some 6,000 kilometers away. [su_youtube url=”″] In the third quarter of 2015 eight new Yars ICBMs were added to the Strategic Missile Forces’ inventory. In total there should…

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