Russian nuclear submarine launches cruise missile during Pacific drills

The nuclear submarine K-150 ‘Tomsk’ has launched a supersonic cruise missile P-700 Granit amid naval drills in Russia’s Far East, successfully striking a ground target. “A Granit supersonic cruise missile was launched from a submersed position at a ground target located at the Kura testing grounds in the Kamchatka Krai. The launch was carried out…

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WATCH First Launch of Iskander-M Missiles Outside of Russia

Iskander-M Missiles

The Russian Defense Ministry has released a footage showing the first launch of Iskander-M system’s missile taking place outside of Russian territory. The launch has been conducted as part of the Russia-Tajikistan joint drills dubbed “Dushanbe-Counterterror.” During the final stage of the exercises, the Missile Forces military destroyed similated terrorists, while being in 140 kilometers…

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Russia’s cutting-edge Su-35 fighters arrive at Karelia base

Su-35 multipurpose fighter aircraft

Russia’s Air Base in Karelia has received a squadron of the latest Sukhoi Su-35S fighters. The state of the art planes will be deployed less than 200km away from the Finnish border to protect Russia’s northwestern frontier. Four jets and their crews traveled over 8,000 km from the Far East, refueling three times at airfields…

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