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Russian Aerospace Forces launched Soyuz-2 launch vehicle from Plesetsk Cosmodrome

Сегодня 2 декабря, в 13 часов 43 минуты по московскому времени с Государственного испытательного космодрома Плесецк в Архангельской области боевым расчетом Космических войск ВКС проведен успешный пуск ракеты-носителя среднего класса «Союз-2.1б» с космическим аппаратом в интересах Минобороны РоссииПуск проведен под общим руководством командующего Космическими войсками – заместителя главнокомандующего Воздушно-космическими силами генерал-полковника Александра Головко.Старт ракеты-носителя и…

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All-Seeing Eye: Russia Flies Out Bleeding-Edge A-50U AWACS Aircraft

A-50U AWACS Aircraft

The Russian Defense Ministry presented the A-50U – the Aerospace Forces’ most advanced airborne early warning and control aircraft (AEW&C, or AWACS) at an air base in the Ivanovo Region. The plane is meant for detecting and tracking a number of aerial (fighter jets, bombers, ballistic and cruise missiles), ground (tank columns) and surface (above-water…

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Russia Prepares to Test Next-Generation Su-35S Fighters in Syria

Sukhoi Su-35 multirole fighter

Russia’s brand new Su-35S multirole fighters will go through the baptism by fire in Syria, according to a military source. MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Russia is preparing to test the next-generation Su-35S fighters for the first time in combat in Syria, a military source told a Russian newspaper on Monday. “The General Staff has decided to…

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Russian Nukes Able to Bypass Any Defense Shield, Cannot Be Stopped

S-400 Triumf anti-aircraft missile

The Russian strategic nuclear forces have enough capabilities to overcome the air-defense systems of a potential enemy around the world. Any air defense system can be overcome, commander of the air defense unit of the Russian Aerospace Forces Andre Cheburin said. “Components of our air defense shield are not located abroad since it is enough…

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